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The Bott Group is an award winning international company who specialise in commercial vehicle shelving and is recognised as a leading manufacture in their field.
Bott started in 1930 in Germany and is now manufactured across Europe, America and the Asia Pacific. The Australasia manufacturing facility has been operating since 2008 and is located in Edinburgh, South Australia.

So, what does Bott actually make?
They manufacture and specialise in vehicle shelving and racking that suit a wide range of vans, and budgets. They have a variety of shelving pre made to choose from to suit your vehicle and needs, or you can have your shelving custom made. There is a range of accessories also available – service cases, storage tubs, vices etc – thus eliminating mess and bringing organisation and order to your vehicle, effectively making work much easier and more efficient.

Don’t have a van? No worries.
Bott also manufactures canopies to suit single, super, or dual cab-chassis and can customise to your workplace needs. If you’re not after a canopy, then there are heavy duty or aluminium Ute trays available to suit single, super or dual cab-chassis as well.

Finally, Bott has crashed tested their shelving more than 20 times to meet the strict ECE (Europe) standard R-17/07. You can check out the crash test video here.

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